The stadium will be modernized with Rs 55 crores and solar panels will be installed

Abhay Dare

Our officers and architects will have to come on the ground to make Katra market and other areas of the city smart and to beautify and improve the traffic system. If they inspect the sites at the ground level, then the plan will be correct on the actual ground. It is not advisable to make drawing meetings in closed rooms. Abhay Dare gave this advice in the Smart City Advisory Forum meeting on Wednesday. In the meeting, members gave many suggestions for city development. The most important thing was that a plan worth Rs 55 crore for the stadium was placed before the members. The suggestion of Silver Plaza in Bada Bazaar also came up.

The meeting Aof the Smart City Advisory Forum was held on Wednesday at the Smart City Company Office. In the presence of Mayor Abhay Dare, Municipal Commissioner Smart City ED RP Ahirwar, Smart City CEO Rahul Singh, and advisory committee members, information on the topics of city development and beautification was presented and suggestions were also given during the discussion. The agenda mainly included 7 topics.  Abhay Dare said that in the meeting mainly issues related to drainage of waterlogging during rains in the city, old Dufferin Hospital, and the heritage project were discussed.

He said that the Municipal Corporation’s stadium will be beautified with an amount of Rs 55 crore, in which there will be seating for 7 thousands people, along with this, solar panels will be installed for the electricity system, the stadium will have cricket, hockey, basketball, table tennis, Turf track will be built for football and running, proper parking arrangements will be made in the stadium. 

Apart from this, suggestions came forward from  Abhay Dare that if Tapra Market from Jaistambh to the Municipal Corporation Market in front of Katra Masjid should be made a concrete market through Smart City, then parking below and shops should be built above, then Katra Market will be beautified and the shopkeepers there will get a good market. Besides, the traffic system of the city will be improved on a large scale.

Abhay Dare, while talking about the inclusion of the Bada Bazaar area in the Smart City Project, said that Sagar is known as the biggest market for silver jewellery in the state, hence the biggest traffic problem is in the bullion market located in Bada Bazaar. it occurs. For this, under the Smart City, a Silver Plaza Market should be constructed from Bada Bazar Sarafa Bazar to Paras Talkies to Shriram Chowk, in which parking arrangements should be made below and permanent shops should be constructed above. The shopkeepers and residents there should be given space in the market. Apart from this, various topics were discussed in the meeting. Advisory members Eng Prakash Choubey, Makhanlal Soni, Neha Jain, and smart city officials and employees were present in the meeting.

Conclusion: The modernization of the stadium, funded with Rs 55 crores, includes the installation of solar panels for sustainability. However, Mayor Abhay Dare stresses the importance of on-site assessments for effective execution. Proposals to revitalize the Katra market and improve traffic indicate a holistic approach to city development. With collaborative efforts, the city aims to achieve transformative changes for enhanced livability and economic growth.

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