The mayor-councilor arrived to inspect the STP of the sewerage Scheme

Abhay Dare

In the heart of Sagar, a transformative project is underway, poised to change the landscape of sanitation and environmental sustainability. Mayor Abhay Dare, along with Municipal Council members, recently embarked on an insightful journey to inspect the Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) at Patharia Haat on Khurai Road. This critical infrastructure, spanning 12 acres of land, is part of a larger sewer project that holds immense promise for the city’s future.

As Abhay Dare and the team delved into the intricacies of the STP, their visit encompassed a comprehensive review of vital components. From the primary unit to the C-Tech unit, sewage handling facilities, chlorine contact tank, and operational structures like the chlorine room, clean house, panel house, and staff quarters, every aspect was meticulously examined. This hands-on approach reflects the dedication and commitment of Sagar’s leadership to ensure the seamless execution of such pivotal projects.

Abhay Dare’s directive to the officials and contractors to expedite the project underscores the urgency and importance attached to the sewerage scheme. It is noteworthy that Sagar is among the chosen cities nationwide entrusted with this significant initiative, highlighting its growing stature in urban development and environmental stewardship.

The progress report reveals a commendable achievement, with approximately 50% of the project work already completed in Sagar. Upon its completion, the STP will have the capacity to treat a staggering 43 lakh liters of wastewater daily, sourced from the city’s drainage network. This treated water, a valuable resource, will find purpose in irrigation, thus promoting sustainable water management practices.

A pivotal aspect of the STP’s functionality lies in its ability to intercept and treat wastewater before it reaches natural water bodies like ponds. Through a network of pipelines, the entire city’s wastewater will be channeled to the treatment plant, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for all residents.

The technological prowess of the STP is evident in its infrastructure, boasting 6 pumps of 250 HP each and 4 sizable tanks dedicated to collecting and treating wastewater. The byproduct of this process, the waste material, will be utilized to produce compost, offering a dual benefit of waste reduction and agricultural enhancement.

With a targeted completion date set for March 31, significant strides have already been made, with half of the pipeline work concluded. Abhay Dare’s call to accelerate the remaining tasks reflects a proactive stance toward meeting deadlines and delivering on promises made to the community.

During the inspection, key stakeholders and officials associated with the sewerage project were present, underscoring collaborative efforts and interdisciplinary cooperation essential for such large-scale endeavors. Individuals like Jinesh Sahu, Neeraj Jain Golu, Shweta Yadav, Dharmendra Khatik, Executive Engineer Vijay Dubey, and Assistant Engineer Sanjay Tiwari play pivotal roles in realizing the vision of a cleaner, greener Sagar.


The mayor-councilor’s visit to inspect the STP encapsulates a narrative of progress, innovation, and environmental consciousness. It symbolizes Sagar’s commitment to embracing modern infrastructure while preserving its natural heritage, paving the way for a brighter and sustainable future.


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