The four-story shopping mall will be built in Katra, and the police post will be shifted above

Mayor abhay Dare Sagar

The dream of a state-of-the-art shopping mall in Katra market will soon come true. Abhay Dare has prepared a dream project to prepare the Deendayal Complex on the lines of a shopping mall. It will provide all the facilities that are available in shopping malls in metropolitan cities. Deendayal Shopping Mall can also develop escalators, basement parking, and four-story rooftop parking for two-wheelers. Here, after the difficulties in shifting the Katra police post which has become a hindrance in traffic, now a plan has been made to build a post on the road below and the upper floor.

Katra Masjid had Vintonari land about 5 decades ago. The first council of the Municipal Corporation had planned a shopping complex here in 1983-84, but it was left incomplete after political incompetence and controversies. Now Mayor Abhay Dare and the council have planned to build a shopping mall at this place. The council has permitted this. Abhay Dare is taking this as a dream project. In the initial plan prepared by engineers and consultants for the shopping mall, a four-story shopping mall, 100 shops, parking for four-wheelers in the basement, and parking for two-wheelers on the roof of the fourth floor can be developed.

Katra police post will be on top, vehicles will pass below.

The largest obstruction to traffic is thought to be the construction of a traffic police post in Katra Market. It was suggested that it be moved to the eastern Sabulal Market, but after consulting PHQ, the suggestion was shelved. New planning is currently underway. The pole that was erected in front of the mosque will be removed to enlarge the road. Here, a brand-new structure with an upper-floor police post will be built.

The post started shifting, there was a blockage

Abhay Dare and the then Superintendent of Police Sachin Atulkar had discussed and agreed to shift the traffic police post to the vacant building in Sabulal Market. Preparations for shifting the goods had also started, but at the last moment, PHQ and top officials refused to do so. The shifting work had to be stopped at night.

PMC will be appointed for DPR

The Municipal Corporation Administration has issued a tender to appoint a Project Management Consultant Company to prepare the DPR including its drawing design and estimate for the construction of Deendayal Commercial Complex. Similarly, a tender has also been floated for planning, drawing design, and estimate preparation for the construction of a new building at Katra Police Post. PMC company will also do the work of quality control and supervision.

Priority will be given to poor people

In Gujarati Bazaar, shops are being operated by putting up tin tents around the Deendayal Complex. They will be given priority and concession in the open auction of the Deendayal Shopping Complex. The condition of the corporation will also be that this area should be topography-free.

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