Mayor Abhay Dare inspected Sant Ravidas Ward

Mayor abhay Dare Sagar

Mayor Abhay Dare inspected the Sant Ravidas Ward this Sunday, where he actively engaged with residents to understand their concerns and provide immediate solutions. Responding to the requests and demands of the ward’s inhabitants, Mayor Dare approved the construction of CC roads at two specific locations: from Atis Sahu’s residence to Vijay Bansal’s house, and from Dr. Narendra Sahu’s house to Makhan Sahu’s residence.

During the inspection, Mayor Dare took note of the pressing need for infrastructure improvements, particularly in addressing the condition of roads and drainage systems. In response, he instructed the concerned authorities to prepare a detailed estimate for the construction of a drain stretching from Ravi Goswami’s residence to the Bhuteshwar railway gate. This proactive approach reflects Mayor Abhay Dare’s commitment to addressing community issues promptly and efficiently.

During the inspection, Mayor Dare’s hands-on approach exemplifies his dedication to fostering positive change and enhancing the quality of life for residents in Sant Ravidas Ward. By listening attentively to the problems voiced by residents and taking immediate action to address them, Mayor Dare demonstrates effective leadership and a strong commitment to serving the community.

Furthermore, Mayor Abhay Dare’s approval of the CC road construction projects and the planned drainage system highlights his focus on improving the ward’s infrastructure to ensure safe and convenient transportation for residents. These initiatives are part of a broader vision to enhance the overall livability and accessibility of Sant Ravidas Ward.

The engagement between Mayor Abhay Dare and the residents of Sant Ravidas Ward also underscores the importance of open communication and collaboration in local governance. By actively involving citizens in decision-making processes and responding to their needs, Mayor Dare promotes transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in municipal affairs.

Moving forward, Mayor Dare’s administration is poised to continue working closely with residents and stakeholders to address existing challenges, implement sustainable solutions, and create a more resilient and vibrant community in Sant Ravidas Ward. Through ongoing dialogue, strategic planning, and proactive initiatives, Mayor Abhay Dare aims to build a stronger and more prosperous ward that meets the needs and aspirations of its residents.

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