Construction of DD Complex Starts Before Model Code of Conduct

Mayor abhay Dare Sagar

Construction of the DD Complex commenced mere hours before the initiation of the Model Code of Conduct for the Lok Sabha elections, signaling a significant development in the city’s infrastructure. The Municipal Corporation took the initiative to begin work on the long-awaited Deendayal Shopping Complex, marking a pivotal moment in urban development. The commencement of construction drew curious onlookers as JCB machines and laborers from the contracting firm arrived at the dilapidated old veterinary dispensary located in Katra market around 2 pm.

The representative of the contractor firm, addressing the gathered crowd, announced that all previous hurdles concerning the land had been successfully resolved, paving the way for the initiation of the complex’s construction. It’s worth noting that efforts to kickstart the construction of the complex had been in motion since the previous year. However, a setback occurred when the Town and Country Planning Department reclassified the land from a commercial zone to a green park, halting progress momentarily.

The recent developments indicate a victory for those advocating for the commercial development of the city. Mayor Abhay Dare expressed his satisfaction with the decision, highlighting that the Town and Country Planning Department rectified its mistake three days prior and reclassified the land, allowing for the construction of the Deen Dayal Complex to proceed. Abhay Dare emphasized that this complex would serve as a significant milestone in the city’s commercial growth and contribute significantly to the Municipal Corporation’s revenue, facilitating better city development initiatives.

The proposed Deendayal Shopping Complex is set to be a multi-story structure equipped with modern amenities like lifts and escalators, catering to the evolving needs of shoppers and businesses. The complex, spanning 23 thousand square feet, is slated to become the largest market hub in the city, accommodating 124 shops measuring 20 by 11 feet each. In adherence to Town and Country Planning guidelines, the complex will feature a basement parking facility and incorporate green spaces within its premises.

The corporation plans to maximize benefits from this complex by strategically leasing shops to prominent brands and multinational business chains. However, a portion of the shops will be auctioned, ensuring fair access to all sections of society as per government guidelines. The allocation of shops will be on a lease basis, with shopkeepers required to pay rent per square meter as per the corporation’s predetermined rates. Additionally, provisions for an escalator and lift within the building will enhance convenience and accessibility for patrons and tenants alike.


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